Electric(E) Loader Rickshaw Manufacturers

We offer wide range of models of Electric Loader Rickshaw in India with different colors . Being these products featuring Eco-friendliness, Pollution-Free, Noiseless, Cost-Effective, almost zero running cost, stylish look and appeal, these are widely appreciated by the customer.

E-Rickshaw is a gift to lower segment of society namely “Rickshaw-walla’s”, which originated from china but earlier models had its own safety flaws ,We thoroughly studied Chinese E-Rickshaw & using our automotive industry past experience we have re-designed the e-rickshaw which can meet industry standards & suitable for rough indian roads.

Electric Loader Rickshaw in India

Before progressing to discuss the scope of Electric Loader Rickshaw, we've got to grasp the importance of those battery operated rickshaws in our day to day life. the primary advantage of an electrical jinrikisha is its non-polluting nature. It doesn’t contribute to pollution because it works on the electrical battery that makes them environment-friendly and these sorts of vehicles square measure in nice demand within the current situation in our country.

Second and one amongst the fore most necessary aspects of those e rickshaws square measure their contribution to the economy, as thousands of people become freelance and that they square measure earning their livings by driving these battery rickshaws on usual. this is often the explanation why we tend to saw thousands of electrical rickshaws in our cities. As per the survey of the many agencies, it's believed that electrical rickshaws can replace nearly two cores of traditional rickshaws (manually force rickshaws) in the Asian nation. This clearly indicates that the market of e jinrikisha can saw several new changes in close to the future because it is in its early stages.

These vehicles square measure currently started victimization in transporting light-weight weight product as e-loader. thus there square measure several opportunities of financial gain, you simply got to notice a decent producing company like in Kolkata there's Electric that could be a part of Kirti star restricted, a varied cluster involves in producing star and renewable energy comes. Electrica makes a specialty of producing the very best quality E- vehicles designed and tested beneath the CMVR rules. Electrica encompasses a robust team of technical men with hands-on expertise industry and that they have a growing business coverage in the state, Odisha, Jharkhand, state and clearly in West Bengal.

Electric Loader Rickshaw

Technical Specification

Sr.No. Technical Details
1 loading capacity 400 Kg
2 maximum Speed 25 Kmph
3 Tire Size Spedways, 30x14
4 Brakes Mechanical Drum Brakes (Both Front & Rear)
5 Peak Motor Power BLDC 850(Watt) Nanpu
6 Controller 24 Tube
7 Battery Any ICAT Aproved
8 Front Suspension Hydraulic Shocker with Spring
9 Rear Suspension Leaf Spring
10 Chasis Tubular (Powder Coating)
11 Color As per Customer Choice
12 Runing in One Charge 80-10Kmph
13 Charger' 48V, 12 Amps. (SMPS based) (make : Axiom)
14 Transmision Mode Transaxle
15 Parking Brake Available
16 Safety Lock in Driver Seat Available
17 Battery Clamp Available
18 Emergency Cut Off Switch Available (in Handi)
19 Battery Discharge Meter indicator Available
20 Spedo Meter Available
21 Charging Time 9-10 hrs,
22 Flor Mat Available
Electric Loader Rickshaw in India Electric Loader Rickshaw in India Electric Loader Rickshaw in India Electric Loader Rickshaw Electric Loader Rickshaw Electric Loader Rickshaw


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