Battery Rickshaw

Battery Rickshaw is turning into a great deal of fashionables in some cities since 2008 as another to automobile rickshaws and force rickshaws because of their low fuel price, and fewer human effort compared to force rickshaws. they are being wide accepted as another to petrol/diesel/CNG automobile rickshaws. they are three-wheelers force by associate electrical motor ranging from 650-1400 Watts. they are for the most part ready-made in state and China, entirely many various countries manufacture these vehicles. Battery rickshaws makers otherwise be a low-emitter complimentary transport for the low-income people, that suffer most from associate absence of transport facility if introduced in associate passing systematic manner to keep with consultants.

These rickshaws have associate M.S(Mild Steel) hollow Chassis, contains 3 wheels with a differential mechanism at rear wheels. The motor is brushless DC motor ready-made in the main within the state and China. The electrical system utilised in Indian version is 48V and Bangla Desh is 60V. The body vogue from the most well liked Chinese version is of really skinny iron or number thirteen sheets. Vehicles created in fiber ar widespread as a results of their strength and strength, resulting in low maintenance, significantly within the state. The body vogue is varied from load carriers, rider vehicles with no roof, to full body with a windshield for drivers comfort It contains a controller unit. they're sold on the concept of voltage provided and current output, in addition, the amount of MOSFET(metal substance field result transistor) used. The battery used is sometimes storage battery with a life of 6–12 months. Deep discharge batteries designed for electrical vehicles unit rarely used. Weight of the electrical automotive has in addition been a continuing vogue downside in them.We are One of the best quality Battery Rickshaw Manufacturers

Battery Rickshaw Manufacturers

In a country like India, individuals survive in tiny businesses. E Rickshaw square measures a replacement stepping stone within the transportation sector of India and it's turning into a really plausible and profitable tiny business chance.

Battery Rickshaw In India

India may be a country of tiny businesses. Most of the population during this country thrives on the conception of ‘jugaad’. The conception of propulsion all told your on the market resources into creating a living in your life is that the lifeblood of the Indian mentality. This prompts several issues for several individuals. looking on economic stability, the earnings of the population goes up and down. thus individuals in India square measure forever on the lookout for the most effective tiny business ideas. Be it gap a margin eatery or commercialism garments by the busy paseo or a franchise of any kind, tiny business ideas become out of nothing in India. E-rickshaws square measure a bright new business chance and plenty of during this country square measure latching on to the current hot new plan like bees to a pot of honey.

Battery Rickshaw in India

Technical Specification

Sr.No. Technical Details
1 Seating Capacity capacity 4+(1driver) 696Kg
2 maximum Speed 22 Kmph
3 Tire Size Spedways, 30x14
4 Brakes Mechanical Drum Brakes (Both Front & Rear)
5 Peak Motor Power BLDC 850(Watt) Nanpu
6 Controller 24 Tube
7 Battery Any ICAT Aproved
8 Front Suspension Hydraulic Shocker with Spring
9 Rear Suspension Leaf Spring
10 Chasis Tubular (Powder Coating)
11 Color As per Customer Choice
12 Runing in One Charge 80-10Kmph
13 Charger' 48V, 12 Amps. (SMPS based) (make : Axiom)
14 Transmision Mode Transaxle
15 Parking Brake Available
16 Safety Lock in Driver Seat Available
17 Battery Clamp Available
18 Emergency Cut Off Switch Available (in Handi)
19 Battery Discharge Meter indicator Available
20 Spedo Meter Available
21 Charging Time 9-10 hrs,
22 Flor Mat Available
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