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E Rickshaws Suppliers in India
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Caution Notice

We have come across several manufacturers/re-sellers who are selling copy of Our model, They use Cheap Quality materials & low fabricated Body Structure in order to sell at cheap prices.

Don’t get fooled & be aware thatall >Mini Metro Vehicle are designed, assembled, tested for quality control and shipped from the manufacturing plant in Meerut-Uttar Pradesh.

We Follow Strict Quality Control from Component Level to Final Dispatch of Product, We make every effort to obtain all components being small or big from reputed suppliers who follow strict Quality Standards.

Mini Metro does not give any kind of license to manufacture its vehicle by any other company.

We Request all customers to Buy Directly from Factory in order to get Quality Vehicle, also to give end customer a true value for its money.

Every vehicle manufactured by us has been embossed with our Trademark Mini Metro ™ on side panels above Tyres. If it’s not embossed, it is definitely not Genuine Mini Metro.

About us

E-Rickshaws is a gift to lower segment of society namely “Rickshaw-walla’s”, which originated from china but earlier models had its own safety flaws ,We thoroughly studied Chinese E- Rickshaw & using our automotive industry past experience we have re-designed the e-rickshaw which can meet industry standards & suitable for rough indian roads.

We are committed for most innovated styles & designs confirming to the highest standards in E-Rickshaw Industry.

Contact us

Head pffice / Plant P.O -
164, Mohkampur Industrial Area.
Delhi Road, Meerut-250002

E mail - info@mini-metro.com
              - info.maxauto@gmail.com

Toll Free No. - 1800-2704195